[Download] Solheiro’s ‘Last Minute Winner’



New Mexican poolside Disco juggernaut Solheiro is one half of the Le Touch boys who has struck out on his production lonesome to deliver some truly chilled  and groove sounds. Ricardo Bussey Solheiro has been dropping some fantastic reMixes in the past twelve months; but you know our rule for being featured, originals first, reMixes later. So here he is with his début single. This is Last Minute Winner.

Blissful, summertime Disco sounds is what you’ll find here; although Solheiro manages not to sound exactly like everyone else as he carves out an emotional, intricate corner of the genre for himself. Layers of meticulous synths, Dubby effects and hazy vocals add to the bouncy, yet laid back, groove to serve up a top track that we are definitely saving to the warmer months.

Solheiro – Last Minute Winner

Check out more from Solheiro on SoundCloud.

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