[Audio] Allies For Everyone’s ‘Bunker’


Allies For Everyone

New York based producer Brian Suarez, better know as Allies For Everyone is releasing his brand new EP this week. Titled Bunker, the release is a departure from his Housier works into something a little more emotive and mature. Check out the EP’s lead track below and keep an eye out for the release coming up on KID Recordings.

Making an immediate, sweeping, generalisation; Bunker sounds like Maya Jane Coles meets Dirty Vegas. Generalisation that may be, but it’s also a massive compliment. The track rides on an undulating and mysterious Deep House groove while Suarez croons and brushed an acoustic guitar over the top for a little Balearic flavour. Nice, emotional and irresistible groovy stuff.

♫ Allies For Everyone – Bunker

Allies For Everyone’s Bunker is out

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