[Download] Chromatics’ ‘Just Like You’



Johnny Jewel’s amazing Chromatics have announced the release of their forthcoming new album. Titled Dear Tommy, the follow up to 2012’s dreamy Kill For Love, is due out in a month and is eagerly anticipated by just about everyone we know. Johnny has taken to SoundCloud to announce the release and give away the albums first single, Just Like You as a free download. Check it out.

Just Like You is just the first in a string of new singles. Jewel will be releasing one a week until the albums March release and he has certainly chosen a belter to kick things off with. A swirling electronic symphony blessed with sweet vocals and lush (like, really lush) synths over a smooth steady beat. It’s an intoxicating SynthPop dream with a dark undertone. We’re very much looking forward to the album.

Chromatics – Just Like You

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