[Audio] Aashton’s ‘Humans’



Brightonian ex-:kinema: groover Aashton has a new single due out in March. Since leaving :kinema: promising Synth Funkers that they were, Dom has been carving out a solid reputation for himself as a bringer of luscious House sounds that never fail to enchant and uplift. His new tune, Humans, is released on Phonetic Recordings back with another couple of originals. Dive in and loose yourself.

Humans draws from the history of Chicago and blends that into some contemporary UK Deep House sounds. A lilting retain of “the people…” give the tune a festival vibe while the punchy, subby bass and rolling rhythms keep it locked to the dancefloor. A warm and inviting track that you could totally get lost in in a field with a few thousand other revellers. Intoxicating stuff.

♫ Aashton – Humans

Aashton’s Humans is released in March.

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