[Audio] Apache Darling’s ‘Firebird’


Apache Darling

Fresh Glasgow duo Apache Darling’s first tune, More Than Me, had a string of praise from some seriously important commentators. Now, with the release of their second tune it’s down to the like of us to add to the heap. Firebird is scarily good. If we were betting people we would put money on hearing a lot more from these two in 2015. We feel their festival season may be a tad busy.

Firebird is a sparse, yet, cinematic ElectroPop tune that combines warm, rousing synths with abrasive electronic effects to deliver something that’s both catchy and edgy. Singer Stefanie Lawrence’s vocals have an earnest quality to them that draws you in. The song itself feels, quite oddly, somewhat stadium rock; like if you took a stadium rock tune and recreated it on vintage synths in a suburban garage. It retains the majesty but makes it more personal and intimate. It’s hard to describe, just listen.

♫ Apache Darling – Firebird

Check out more from Apache Darling on SoundCloud.

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