[News] The Blog Sound Of 2015 result



S’up peeps? We hope you had an amazing X-mas and destroyed yourself on the New Year. We did, and that’s just one of many reason why we’re not really back. Oh no sir, we’re still firmly on holiday; expect a return in a week or so.

We are sticking our head above water briefly, though, to let you know the results of The Blog Sound Of 2015! To remind you here are the 15 acts who placed in the long list: All We Are, Black Honey, Chloe Black, Coasts, Deers, Fickle Friends, Flyte, Halfrican, Honne, Låpsley, Prides, Shura, Soak, Sophie Jamieson and Tei Shi. And the winner is…Låpsley

Considering (once again) no-one we vote for make the final list, we can pretty much get on board with this result; the Liverpudlian singer.songwriter does deliver a pleasing line on brooding ElectroPop.

Anyhoo, we’re going back to sleep. Catch you in a few days!

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