[Awards] The electronic rumors Awards 2014



Here we go again! As the room crackles with a nervous energy, palms sweat at the knowledge that careers can be made or broken in the next hour. The single most important music industry even of the year is about to begin and those present know that when the dust has settled, nothing will be the same again.

Ladies, gentlemen and those of a self-determined gender, it’s time for The electronic rumors Awards 2014!

Once again it was an amazing year for albums, despite the continual industry flailing of hands about the death of the format (and Röyksopp waving the LP goodbye!), that provided even more proof that those who infer that dance music doesn’t suit the album format are just wrong (and a little small minded). In fact, despite some stellar single releases, for the second year on a roll long players completely eclipsed individual tracks.

Anyhoo, another year of tough decisions, but we got there in the end. Some placings were obvious, some placings were hotly fought over. But we’ve written them down now so there no going back. As usual we’ve most likely missed something, or many things, but there’s no point you moaning to us about it; partly because there’s no turning back now, mainly because we don’t care what you think.

So just grab a drink from the free bar, sit back, and bask in the excitement.

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