[Download] Cassette Club’s ‘Far Away’



It was only a couple of months ago that London’s masters of smooth Cassette Club released the Unreleased Vol. 2 EP. Now they want you all to hear what they’ve been up to recently, so they’ve dropped the first track from their forthcoming new EP. To be released at the start of December alongside the track Collide; this is Far Away.

So smooth that your speakers might just loose all their structural integrity; Far Away is a blissful slick of Tropical Pop. Opening with some resounding island chimes the track sets it’s mood before sliding into a bubbly synth bassed Funk juggernaut. Tom gets his ultimate croon on as the duo deliver some superb laid back sunshine vibes. The new release will be a most welcome return for London’s finest.

Cassette Club – Far Away

Cassette Club’s Far Away/Collide is released 1st December.

Buy Cassette Club’s music from:

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