[Audio] Æon Rings’ ‘Pale Blue’


Æon Rings

New York SynthPop outfit Æon Rings are the latest edition to Teeel’s Synth Records imprint. This Brooklyn  based duo find themselves a good fit with the retro electronic stable, serving up a modern, digital, take on a classic early 80s sound. Their new EP, Floods,  is set for release next month, until then check out one track from the release; Pale Blue. Prepare for some moody, epic sounds.

Pale Blue delivers a nice mix of contemporary SynthWave music and a warm vintage croon. Bringing together 80s SynthPop sensibilities with a more 2000’s style of songwriting and big crunchy beats makes for an interesting combination and definitely something that bears repeated listening. There’s a deep and brooding synthetic throb underpinning that track, but despite the enigmatic tone, the track never get’s too dark, injecting itself with an air of optimism throughout. Atop the electronic soundtrack sits some gloriously David Sylvian-esque vocals to tie things together. Id keep an ear out for the EP is I were you.

♫ Æon Rings – Pale Blue

Æon Rings’ Floods EP is released 16th September.

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