[Download] Body Language’s ‘Good Things’


Body Language

Brooklyn troop Body Language as seriously knocking out of the park with their new tune. Drip feeding up tracks from their forthcoming new EP, Infinite Sunshine, they have arrived at the blissful Disco House of Good Things. The EP is released as a free download 12th August, check out Good Things below for a taste of what to expect this week.

The four piece slowly introduce you to the track with a haze of woozy synths before launching into a thick synth Funk groove. A relaxing, but upbeat, vibe permeates the track, facilitated by an array of analog synths and a steady bassline. Angelica Bess’s slick vocals drop in and out of the track, introducing a little soul as the track dabbles with a kinda’ 90s Acid-Jazz feel set to an Electro Nu-Disco tune. We’re eagerly awaiting the EP.

Body Language – Good Things

Body Language’s Infinite Sunshine EP is released tomorrow.

Buy Body Language’s music from:

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