[Download] Alison Valentine’s ‘Pixie Dust’


Alison Valentine

New Yorkian future R&B songstress Alison Valentine recently unleashed this brand new track. It originally cam as part of this mixtape, but thankfully Ally decided to give the whole track to the world as it deserves to be heard in it’s entirety. So sit back in the moonlight, and check out Ally V’s Pixie Dust.

Stepping up for production duties on this one is French producer Para One, a man who’s no stranger to big bass and Hip Hop beats, both of which shine though on this slow and slinky Future R&B track. It’s got a distinctly R&B vocal flavour alongside some West Coast sounds, but that’s mixed up with a complex experimental flair as the track breezily cascades into an intricate synth jam while Ally’s silky vocal rides the booming bass.

Alison Valentine – Pixie Dust

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