[Audio] Croquet Club’s ‘Breathe’ & ‘Rush’


Croquet Club

Out this week on Anjunadeep is the new EP from Croquet Club. After wowing with his début release, Awake/Cardigan (that went on to become an Anjunadeep classic), French producer Jeremy Villecourt is delivering three tracks in the form of the Jacuzzi EP. Of the three tunes involved, it’s hard for us to pick between Breathe and Rush, two storming tunes, so have a listen to both.

Breathe serves up a platter of deep and airy sounds mixed with a laid back ElectroPop feel. Layering ominous tone over haunting vocals Croquet Club keep things enigmatic without ever crossing over into actually being moody or dark. This is achieved by washing this tapestry of rumbling basses and dreamlike keys over a seriously compelling poolside House groove and some cheeky Tropical guitar. Taking cues from the likes of French legends Air, Croquet Club brings that spacious hazy sound to the dancefloor. Rush contrasts Breathe by swinging with full force toward the ElectroPop and Pop-House end of the electronic music spectrum with huge,sweeping, big room sounds, lush stings and a radio friendly Piano led sound. Perfect summertime listening, Rush is feel-good House at it’s finest. there’ll be something for everyone on this EP.

♫ Croquet Club – Breath

♫ Croquet Club – Rush

Croquet Club’s Jacuzzi EP is out this week,

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