[Audio] Lemonade’s ‘Stepping’



The latest addition to the ecclectic Cascine stable comes in the form of Brooklyn based trio Lemonade. Two years on from the release of their last record, Diver, these guys are set to release their third album; to be titled Minus Tide, in September. Before then you can have a taste of what to expect from Lemonade in the form of Stepping. A quick search on Discogs.com revels that there is indeed an artist called ‘Vodka’, we smell a collaboration coming on, we’d like a taste of that too!

The track combines the rugged and the sweet, with cascading rhythms that hit almost a tribal point with their undulating kicks, contrasting with airy pads and distant, gentle, vocals. Taking reference points of everything from 90s House to 80s soundtrack material, Stepping feels like a chaotic affair, but it’s really not. There’s order to the madness and some incredibly catchy hooks set adrift on a sea of nostalgic keys and Acidic burbling. It should be a vey interesting album.

♫ Lemonade – Stepping

Lemonade’s Minus Tide is released 9th September.

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