[Audio] Essáy’s ‘Ocarina’



The latest edition to the ever awesome Cascine fold is German producer Essáy. The last essay I wrote was 2,500 words on Nobutoshi Kihara and the Sony Walkman and believe me, it wasn’t nearly as smooth as the chilled House that Simon Schilling produces, but it did celebrate an absolute design classic, so that’s something, right? Anyway, Essáy’s new EP is out next month, it’s titled Ocarina and here’s the title track.

Ocarina is like waking up with a beat in your head, still bit blurry eyed and now 100% sure where you are; the only thing you’re really sure of is your feet tapping out a groove. So you might as well stay in bed, wrapped up in a duvét of warm tones, samples and cost synths; accompanied by a cheeky 90’s-esque tambourine. It’s a strange combination whose parts are more energetic than their whole. SO hit play and sink back into dreamland.

♫ Essáy – Ocarina

Essáy’s Ocarina EP is released 1st July.

Check out more from Essáy on SoundCloud.

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