[Audio] Austra’s ‘Habitat’



Torontonian ElectroPop chanteuse Austra is gearing up for the release of her brand new EP. Titled Habitat the new one will come not only in digital format, but also in a limited run of 500 12”s. Following on from her last single, Hurt Me Now, itself taken from the amazing Olympia album, Habitat sees Katie Stelmanis returning to her more ethereal roots whilst injecting a little Deep House flair.

Long time live favourite, Habitat is an undulating, tribal epic. Moody and enigmatic, the bass rumbles, the kick drives and the uneasy industrial instrumentation rattles around the track creating a magical and futuristic soundscape. Katie’s haunting vocals temper the track’s edge and instilling a cinematic, narrative, feel. A timeless slice of electronic music.

♫ Austra – Habitat

Austra Habitat is released 17th July.

Buy Austra’s music from:

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