[Download] Allie X’s ‘Prime’


allie x

We’re always days late on the new Allie X tunes! But, y’know, whatever. If we wanted to be one of those ‘blogs’ that has to post everything first then we’d be one of those ‘blogs’ that just throws up a SoundCloud stream with no commentary whatsoever. We’d also slit our wrists. So, yeah, Allie X has a new track out, her second tune to set the music blogosphere alight. Does she deserve all the hype surrounding here? Well, it seems so.

Prime is a stomping slab of ElectroPop goodness that seems to draw a straight line between icy ScandiPop and aggressive American DancePop. A bubbly four minutes of SynthPop euphoria with a demon Funk bass and a glorious 80s trumpet break, Prime is loaded with the punchiness of synths and stuttering grooves. With all her humour and quirkiness, Allie X is a bit like a Lady GaGa who’s not a tedious dick.

Allie X – Prime

Check out more from Allie X on SoundCloud.

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