[Download] Joakim’s ‘On The Beach’



Tigersushi boss and French electronic master Joakim has unleashed the first single from his forthcoming new album. The album’s called Tropics Of Love and is due out later in the year, before that comes On The Beach at the end of this month and will featured reMixes from CFCF and Principles of Geometry. The track is, in fact, a cover of a 1974 Neil Young track and shows off just what an ecclectic talent Joakim is.

With a moody and darker mood that we would be used to from Joakim, On The Beach is a smokey synthetic ballad. Pulsating apreggios seem to fade in and out of focus against a hazy of purcussion and haunting tones. Joakim’s modulated vocals whisper a robot’s lament against this dreamlike opus of synthetic Blues. Stick around for the saxophone solo!

Joakim – On The Beach (Neil Young Cover)

Joakim’s On The Beach is released 31st March.

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