[Audio] Timecop1983’s ‘Hold Me’



Dutch SynthWaver Timecop1983’s new EP, Daydreaming, is the next release on Futurecop!’s new WeAreTheFuture imprint. If you want some laid back, nostalgic vibes to ease you from your work-a-day week into a chilled weekend then you’ve come to the right place. Press play, lie back, and dream.

Featuring the vocals of Hannah Edwards, Hold Me serves up a plethora of pulsating synths, smoothly easing the track ever onward amidst a sea of shimmering pads and razor sharp keys. Slow and steady, this track swirls around you, helped by Ms Edwards smokey vocal. It’s got kinda’ high school vibe, a bit raw, a bit naive, but that’s part of it’s charm. An enveloping track on an interesting EP.

♫ Timecop1983’s (Feat. Hannah Edwards) – Hold Me

Timecop1983’s new EP is out 28th March.

Buy Timecop1983’s music from:

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