[Download] Pet Shop Boys’ ‘It’s Alright’ reMixed by Dusty Digital



Some classic House sounds right here from Boston producer Dusty Digital as he sets to work turning-in this retro dancefloor version of SynthPop legends Pet Shop BoysIt’s Alright. He’s morphed the anthemic Pop of the original into a glossy, seven minute, warehouse epic that just keeps on going and going, building and building.

Serving up heavy beats and a thick, Italo-esque bassline, alongside an infectious Piano hook. Dusty Digital creates an authentic early 90s House Pop sound which feels in-keeping with the song (which saw a 1989 release). Once he;’s let the original song play itself out, however, Dust then descend into a total synthesizer freak out, a cosmic voyage through soaring solos, all still set to the Chicago House style backing. It’s a track of two halves, both of them awesome.

♫ The Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Dusty Digital reMix)

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