[Audio] Florrie’s ‘Seashells’



After a brief flirtation with the strange waters of guitar music, Bristol’s finest Xenomania drummer Florrie is back with a blistering. burbling, ElectroPop stormer. Taken from her forthcoming new EP, Sirens; due out in Spring, Seashells is a mixed bag of styles all shaken up with Florrie goodness.

Middle Eastern purcussion is just the first surprising element to Seashells. A tapestry of samples and witticisms that despite it’s wordily influences sounds particularly British. Florrie’s mantra vocals hook over booming kicks and chugging synths  to create something with an effortless, but infectious, energy and optimism. Maybe this is Florrie’s year finally?

♫ Florrie – Seashells

Florrie’s Sirens EP is due out in Spring.

Buy Florrie’s music from:


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