[Audio] DyE & The Egyptian Lover’s ‘She’s Bad’



Time for some B-Boy beat now courtesy of French producer Juan De Guillebon A.K.A. DyE as he gears up for the release of his second album, Cocktail Citron via Tigersushi next month. This first taste of what to expect from the new record comes right here in the form of She’s Bad, a collaboration with West Coast Electro legend The Egyptian Lover.

As you would expect from this pairing, this is synth heavy retro grooves all the way. A six minute epic who’s mood is dividend into two parts. The first half of the track is classic Electro. 808 beats, dark keys and The Egyptian Lovers ominous tones. This is pure breakdance gold, a Sci-Fi soundtrack to urban decay. The track then descends into quite a playful synth jam, with 80s melodies and bouncy bass flowing together and drawing you into to their robotic world.

♫ Dye (Feat. The Egyptian Lover) – She’s Bad

DyE’s Cocktail Citron is released 17th March.

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