[Download] Shindu covers Pixies’ ‘Gouge Away’



Belgian ElectroPoppers Shindu has put together this blistering cover version of Indie legends Pixies Gouge Away. Those amongst you who are sceptical about how Pixies frantic, wall-of-sound guitar music translates into SynthPop really need to hear this. This is how you make a track your own.

It’s the bass that really makes this tune what it is, synth heavy but keeping it raw, Shindu centre the track on a driving bassline that flows to the progression of the original. Even singer Chibi’s voice takes on an edgy quality here, doing justice to the song itself. We can imagine this song is killer live, the rising electronic tones and gritty riffs easily doing the job of droning guitars whilst injecting the track with a little Funk too.

Shindu – Gouge Away (Pixies Cover)

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