[Audio] Nonono’s ‘Hungry Eyes’



This tune from Sweedish trio Nonono has been generating a fair amount of hype over the past few days. It’s not hard to see why, it’s comfortable Pop but it has an amazing personality of it’s own. Scandinavian to the core, but with a very American IndiePop feel, and that’s pretty much everything new music blogs seem to look for these days. Strap in for some rousing piano Pop.

It’s hard not to love Hungry Eyes. It’s got so much character held within it’s rolling drums and hammering piano that it’s very easy to be drawn into it’s world and carried along without thinking. Vocalist Stina Wappling’s quintessentially Scandinavian vocal style (something that’s always welcome) give the track it’s emotional depth as she passionately delivers her narrative. Like a tribal version of ScaniPop, Hungry Eyes is the precursor to an apparently beat orientated album.

♫ Nonono – Hungry Eyes

Nonono’s album is due out later this year.

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