[Download] Mereki’s ‘Blue Lake’ reMixed by Wmnstudies



We thought we’d gotten all we possibly could out of LA ElectroPopper Mereki’s Blue Lake; but it’s the song that keeps on giving. This latest reMix comes courtesy of Canadian duo Wmnstudies. We have no idea how they perceive you are supposed to pronounce that (and, frankly, the dropping vowels thing, if there are vowels dropped, is so unoriginal now), but we do know they have done a sterling job, delivering an undulating, soothing, House rework of the track and another awesome addition to their rapidly expanding impressive catalogue.

With just a hint of Topical purcussion, Wmnstudies wrap Mereki’s enchanting voice around a selection of rounded beats, warm keys and playful use of the vocals. Smoothing the song out, the duo intertwine the bass and drums into one juggernaut rhythm section that is compelling and utterly hard to resist. Fast becoming out favourite reMix of Blue Lake, Wmnstudies’ version of the track serves up just the right amount of bouncy House action, just enough to make you look forward to summer; not so much you don’t want to be in the now.

Mereki – Blue Lake (Wmnstudies reMix)

Mereki’s début EP is due out soon.

Check out more from Mereki on SoundCloud.

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