[Download] Preqwal’s ‘Dimension (Side A)’



Newcastle based producer Preqwal’s project started life as a Hip Hop endeavour but soon morphed into an 80s Synth Funk/Electro concern through a love of synth, drum machine and samplers; and quite right too! He’s just released his second album, Dimension (Side A); a six track synthetic opus that whilst being purely SynthWave, has more in common with the likes of Com Truise than the faux-80s crowd.

Heat Of The Night kicks the album off in high gear, lawyers of raw synth sounds tumble across each other creating waves of emotive audio to serve as a base for the soaring, buzzing solos. Hexagon follows injecting a little downtempo moodiness into the release before Mysterium’s enigmatic Sci-Fi soundscape plays with SynthFunk grooves in an futuristic, ambient setting. Mysterium sets up an urban dystopian groove that is continued into City Nights, which is an involving composition of vintage synths and machine drums matched against starlight lead lines. I Wanted To See You takes things further into Synth Funk territory, with an almost LA Funk vibe and a little BladeRunner backing before the brooding Electro of The Morning After sees the album out on a true SynthWave high. It’s an interesting release, an sonically pretty different from the current crop of SynthWave offerings, a lot more ‘garage’ sounding. Definitely one you should investigate further.

Preqwal – Heat Of The Night

Preqwal – The Morning After

Preqwal’s Dimension (Side A) is out now.

Buy Preqwal’s music from:

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