[Download] Baron Von Luxxury edits The Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’


The Eagles

The latest in Baron Von Luxxury’s series of awesome edits come sin the form if this space age slo-mo Disco version of the The EaglesHotel California. Following some slick work on tracks from the likes of Madonna, David Bowie and Bee Gees, Luxxury seems to have picks a song he hates, just for chuckles. You gotta’ hear his own words: “That’s right. I made fucking Hotel California (one of the most irritating songs of all time) by the fucking Eagles (one of the most arrogantly bloated bands of all time)…I was able to take out some of the more annoying hippie shit and replace it with some fucking vocoders and Moroder-y synth bass.”. Can’t argue with that.

Luxxury turns in a brooding, relentless track. Pairing up a slow, plodding Funk with ominous overtones as he builds a creeping synth dread the Baron vocodes the vocal track to otherworldly levels. The kind of track you could quite easily find yourself accidently lost in on the dancefloor, it’s no surprise that DJs like the legendary Greg Wilson are already spinning this hard. Cosmic Disco fantasy at it’s best, at only 82 BPM, this reMix can soundtrack your grooviest nightmares.

The Eagles – Hotel California (Luxxury Edit)

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