[Audio] Jolie Chérie’s ‘One, Two, Three’


Jolie Chérie

Time for some bass heavy French ElectroPop right now from Parisian trio Jolie Chérie. Their new single, One, Two, Three, see a slightly more brooding sound than we are used to from this lot, but the end result is more compelling and involving and something you can really get your teeth into.

Just listen to that all-encompassing synth bass. It’s like a hypnotic monster that seems to suck you in. The track is densely layered with electronic swoops and lead lines that create an almost wall-of-sound atmosphere, but while keeping things melodic. Melina Duval’s husky vocal delivery lend the track an air of mystery and a kind of gentleness to contest the raw synth work. Jolie Chérie are fast on their way to becoming the new starts of French SynthPop.

♫ Jolie Chérie – One, Two, Three

Jolie Chérie’s One, Two, Three is out 16th December.

Buy Jolie Chérie’s music from:


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