[Download] Wildarms’ ‘U Don’t Understand’



Electronic experimentalist Wildarms hails from, yes, you guessed it, Brooklyn. Question; does Brooklyn breed peeps who love synths, or do peeps who love synths all move to Brooklyn? It’s a conundrum indeed. We wonder if people in Rock bands in Brooklyn are marginalised? Anyhoo, Wildarms makes some heady Chillwave sounds and has just hooked up with, yes, you guessed it Cascine, to release his début EP, Just For Love. Here’s the first track.

U Don’t Understand serves up an almost Post-Punk take on the swirling moods of Chillwave. The gruelling bassline would, at first, seem at odds with U Don’t Understand’s ringing atmospherics, but somehow they all work beautifully together. Layers upon layers of sonic hazy is piled on, from cavernous synths of fragile violin, set amongst a booming beat and crazy pitched up R&B vocals. It’s like Wildarms threw everything against a wall and only the awesome stuck.

Wildarms – U Don’t Understand

Wildarms’ Just For Love EP is out 17th December.

Buy Wildarms’s music from:


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