[Audio] Lazyboy’s ‘Pica Disco’



The duo Lazyboy are far far from lazy, and to be honest, pretty far from being boys too. This team-up consists of our summer festival overlord, DJ and Sunday Best head honcho Rob Da Bank and London-based producer Dan Carey, a man who credits CSS, Lily Allen and Kylie Minogue amongst his musical conquests. Their new single, their first for years and years, Pica Disco, is set to inject a little Balearic sunshine into your winter (unless you live in Australia, in which case just chuck this in your hot weather jams pile, as you might chuck another shrimp on the you-know-what).

An artful mashup of Krautrock, Guitar funk and live dance beats, Pica Disco is a hypnotic groover which leans toward the Scandinavian end of Cosmic Disco, although slightly more Indified. Personally, we could have done with a little less guitar and some synths, but you know us, we’re picky as hell. Regardless, what you’ve got here is an infectious, rolling four minutes of good-time live Disco.

♫ Lazyboy – Pica Disco (Original Mix)

Lazyboy’s Pica Disco is out now.

Buy Lazyboy’s music from:


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