[Download] Edwin Van Cleef’s ‘Two As One’



New tunes from Leeds based producer Edwin Van Cleef are becoming more few and far between recently. We’d like to take this opportunity to lodge a formal complaint at this turn of events. Don’t worry yourself too much though, as we do have a shiny new tune from the man today. Two As One is already getting spins from the likes of Grum, Goldroom and Justin Faust and we’d expect to see in cropping up in a whole load of mixtapes in the coming weeks.

What you have here is a lush, involving slice of synthy Disco-House. It’s a bit Tropical, and a bit ‘waves crashing in’, but also very British. So we guess, rather than having a beach vibe, it’s more of a sea-side vibe, but like a sea-side in space, as it’s quite cosmic too with big snyth sweeps flying all over the shop. It’s a classy summer House track loaded with breezy keys and relaxed basslines. Add a couple of haunting vocal samples to the mix, alongside some hay piano and you’ve got the perfect recipe for late night summer dancing. It’s just a pity it’s the middle of winter.

Edwin Van Cleef – Two As One

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