[Audio] Justin Faust’s ‘Elevator’



German Disco don Justin Faust is taking a break from his usual Discotexas releases to deliver something new on acclaimed New York dance label Nervous Records. This week he released a three track EP titled Disco Cuts. You can check out the first of the three cuts right here with the big, sweeping, Elevator. Elevator music this ain’t.

Also heard on this week’s new Goldroom mixtape, Elevator is a filtered Disco juggernaut. Guaranteed to please both the Nu-Disco crowd and the French Touch lot, this tune brings to the table everything you need for a dancefloor destroyer. Hypnotic Disco hooks, pumping beats, a cheeky bassline, and a ton of filtering, bringing the track it’s highs and lows. We can definitely see this being a go-to track in a lot of DJ’s crates for some time.

♫ Justin Faust – Elevator

Justin Faust’s Elevator is out now via Nervous Records.

Buy Justin Faust’s music from:


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