[Audio] Hervé’s ‘Gorilla’



In recent years Cheap Thrills label boss and UK Bass legend Hervé has been flexing his musical muscles, his last album, Art Of Disappearing, was downright Experimental in places. Now he’s bringing the bass back to the dancefloor with his forthcoming EP Lion. The first track to surface from the new release if Gorilla which sees Hervé back in full on bass loaded House mode with an added shuffle.

Gorilla revolves around a hypnotic, slightly Acidic hook. The kind of hook that makes you forget where you are or what the time is when you’re on the dancefloor, as you just sink into it. Back with a solid beat with a hint of a Garage-y swing, Gorilla is a pretty striped down track, dance music distilled to it’s core elements, like drinking a shot instead of a pint, or something, this is a mainline injection of floorfilling goodness.

♫ Hervé – Gorilla

Hervé’s Lion EP is due out 11th November.

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