[Audio] Maya Jane Coles’ ‘No Stick’


Maya Jane Coles

No Stick is a bran new track from Maya Jane Coles that features on the Burning Bright (with Hercules And Love Affair’s Kim Ann Foxman) remix single released late last month. Burning Bright is one of our tunes of the year, but if you needed any more convicting to go out and grab yourself a copy, check out No Stick.

This is the perfect compliment to Maya’s amazing Comfort album, No Stick is no mere B-side. This is a deep, hypnotic, funky-as-hell dancefloor destroyer. Rumbling sine basslines, shuffling House beats and a sledgehammer vocal sample all join forces to deliver a slightly Dub influenced mesmerizing tune that you could really loose yourself in on the dancefloor.

♫ Maya Jane Coles – No Stick

Maya Jane Coles’ Burning Bright is out now.

Buy Maya Jane Coles’ music from:

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