[Audio] Queen Of Hearts’ ‘United’



United is the B-side to the awesome Queen Of Hearts’ new single, Secret. Released at the weekend, the wonderful lead track is backed up by this slab of timeless SynthPop that was put together by our friend, and electronic music legend, Mark Reeder. With Reeder’s pedigree you know what you’re getting, the wealth of over three decades working with electronic music, which when added to Queen Of Hearts’ freshness always makes for something special.

Mark Reeder’s got a pretty good lock on classic SynthPop, and with United, we have a little Depeche Mode, a little Alphaville, all wrapped up with a little Berlin Techno. The perfect counterpoint to Queen Of Hearts melancholic, but intensely human vocals. It’s a track that sits very much on the German end of the SynthPop spectrum, even bordering on Modern SynthPop at times and kept elevated by both Mark’s waves of euphoric synths and the Queen’s passionate delivery. The single is out now. Get involved.

♫ Queen Of Hearts – United

Queen Of Hearts’ Secret is out now.

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