[Audio] Holy Ghost! reMix Donna Summer’s ‘Working The Midnight Shift’


Donna Summer

As the release of the eagerly awaited Donna Summer reMix collection, Love To Love You Donna, draws ever nearer, new track are beginning to break ground. Here we are very excited to grab a listen to one of our favourite bands, New York DiscoPop duo Holy Ghost! (who are gearing up for the release of their phenomenal second album, Dynamics) tackling Donna’s 1977 album track, Working The Midnight Shift.

The original pairs Donna’s heartfelt vocals with the classic Moroder Sci-Fi Italo, Holy Ghost! build on this, but add a little of their own Disco swing. Upping the energy levels slightly, this reMix bring big stabbing leads to the table whilst nodding to the originals arpeggiated bassline. Equal parts New York Disco, European Italo with a hint of DFA, Holy Ghost! and Donna Summer seem like the prefect combination to bring an original NYC Disco sound to 2013. Seriously, between this and the Chrome & Oliver reMix, we are very excited for this album to drop.

♫ Donna Summer – Working The Midnight Shift (Holy Ghost! reMix)

Donna Summer’s Love To Love You Donna is released 22nd October via Verve.

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One comment on “[Audio] Holy Ghost! reMix Donna Summer’s ‘Working The Midnight Shift’

  1. This is an awful remix! They didn’t even use Donna’s vocals (except for a second or two in the background)…this is a shameful travesty. What was the point of that? Disgraceful.

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