[Audio] St. Lucia’s ‘Too Close’



New York based ElectroPopper St. Lucia’s long long long awaited début album is finally almost upon us. And, as is customary these days, this revelation comes with a title, a release date, and a brand new track taken for the forthcoming record. The title, When The Night. The release date, 8th October. The brand new track, Too Close. Check it out.

If Too Close is anything to go buy we’ll be in for a treat come October. A buoyant and uplifting slice of complex ElectroPop but a seriously massive middle-eight. While the vocals sections of the tune are the most epic of emotion SynthPop, all rolling arpeggios and Jean-Philip Grobler belting out heartfelt lyrics, the meat of the track comes in the form of it;s instrumental section. Borrowing slightly from synth based prog rock, it’s a cosmic wig out full of soaring solos, LFO powered sweeps, and juggernaut drum fills. Impressive stuff.

♫ St. Lucia’s – Too Close

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