[Audio] Quixotic’s ‘Palms’



The Hungarian producer of SynthWave and Disco Quixotic has impressed us a few times in the last couple of years, so it was with interest we slapped on his new single, Palms, released by Future City Records this week. The release come packed to the gills, containing the title track, two B-sides and a host of reMixes from the likes of Amazing Police, Kid Flash, Who Ha and a stormer from Mr. Mæn.

Palms itself serves up a laid back Italo Disco sound, combining a pulsating Italo bassline with piercing snyths and wicked Disco licks. It’s a six minute epic, but never overstays it’s welcome. Hypnotizing you with it’s relentless machine groove, attention spiking with chopped up vocal snatches and rolling toms, Palms carries you along in an intense, dancefloor, flow, rising and falling along the way. B-side number one, Elan, is a driving SynthWave with many faces, reminding of Kavinsky at times, Jarre at others and, weirdly, Euphoric Trace in places. It’s followed by an older tune, Apology, a fidgety SynthWave tune with Karftwerkian synths, plucked guitar and emotive vocoding riding over a old school beat. It’s this track that gets the reMix treatment, including Mr. Mæn’s modulated workout. Mæn twists the track into a factory-floor Italo Disco stomper. Melding jackhammer beats with smooth, emotional synths, Mæn creates something set for late night dancefloors. Check out the whole release, it’s worth you time.

♫ Quixotic – Palms

♫ Quixotic – Apology

♫ Quixotic – Apology (Mr. Mæn reMix)

Quixotic’s Palms is out today.

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