[Audio] Ditt Inre’s ‘Formulär 1A’ & ‘Tystnaden’


Ditt Inre

Here is a couple of track from Stockholm spacy groovers Ditt Inre. These guys will be releasing their début full length record on the awesome Cascine next month but if you want a hint of what you can look forward two, here’s two track from the post-Chillwavers’ funky shoegazy repertoire.

Formulär 1A lead off in ethereal style, and just for a moment (well, a few minutes) you are cajoled into settling into an atmospheric, haunting, audio experience, before the bounciest of Electro beats kicks in to flip the track on it’s head. The combination of swirling synth tones and dreamlike, hazy vocals with a tight dancefloor friendly beat makes for an interesting contrast, and one that works really well in this case. Tystnaden, on the other hand, leads with an irresistible synth bassline before descending, and taking you with it, into a whirlpool of cascading tones and whispered vocals. We’re very interested to hear the rest of the album.

♫ Ditt Inre – Formulär 1A

♫ Ditt Inre – Tystnaden

Ditt Inre’s Värd Mer Än Guld is released 3rd September.

Buy Ditt Inre’s music from:


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