[Video] Joe Goddard & Boris Dlugosch’s ‘Step Together’


Joe Goddard   Boris Dlugosch    Step Together   Official Video    YouTube

A few weeks back we introduced you to Step Together, a slick little Housey ElectroPop number from Hot Chip and The 2 Bears’ Joe Goddard’s current EP, Taking Over and seems the man teaming-up with Boris Dlugosch,

It’s a star-studded affair as director Daniel Brereton throws in cameos from the likes of TEED, Baio, Grovesnor, Valentina, David E Sugar, Greco-Roman co-founders Alex and Dom, Soundsystem DJ Ross Allen, and Goddard’s daughter Edie.

Joe Goddard’s Taking Over EP is out now.

Buy Joe Goddard’s music from:

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