[Audio] Maighréad’s ‘Sooner’



Sooner is the new single from London based Irish SynthPop singer/songwriter Maighréad. Having just been picked up by new label Meon Records, we’re hoping this sees more development being put into Maighréad, who has an amazing voice and personality, both of which which was pretty flatlined by her pervious label with bland production and videos.

Sooner is definitely a step in the right direction. Maighréad’s Billie Ray Martin-esque vocals are given space to shine. Sooner really highlights both Maighréad’s talents as both a singer, and songwriter, an epic, sweeping track with rushes of emotion in the choruses that stay with you after the track’s long finished. Unfortunately the production is still a tiny bit flat, we would love more than anything for Meon Records to hook Maighréad with someone a bit more contemporary, a little less demo-y, we can but hope Meon will give Maighréad their full backing, she deserves it.

♫ Maighréad – Sooner (Radio Edit)

Maighréad’s Sooner is out now.

Buy Maighréad’s music from:


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