[Audio] Chvrches reMixed by Auntie Flo



So, we presume that Glaswegian producer Auntie Flo has added the final ‘ie’ after taking his name from Bod’s Aunt Flo to stop the BBC suing him or something. Either that or he has his own beloved Auntie Flo, seems a bit coincidental though. We are also completely discounting him taking his name from an American euphemism for the fairer sex’s ‘time of the month’, because, well, he’s from the UK and no-one says that here, it’s far to polite, when we slang it up, we slang it up right nice. Wherever he took his moniker from, he’s turned his attention to fellow Glaswegian ElectroPoppers Chvrches current single Gun and totally transforms the track into an emotional Deep House mesmerizer.

A completely involving reMix, Auntie Flo serves up an intoxicating swirl of warm tones and compelling beats. This is summery festival House as you want it to be. Deep and sub loaded, this is one to get lost in, and the added dusting of Lauren Mayberry’s strangely powerful vocals is just the icing on the cake. As the track glides into it’s organ fuelled finale you just want to be in a field with 20,000 other revellers.

♫ Chvrches – Gun (Auntie Flo reMix)

Chvrches Gun is out now. Their début full length record, titled, The Bones Of What You Believe, is released 23rd September.

Buy Chvrches’ music from:


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