[Audio] Funkabit’s ‘Giraffes By The Ocean’ EP



Simone Coccato A.K.A. Funkabit has been on our radar for a while, the man’s released a string of sweet Nu-Disco EPs and reMixes over the last couple of years. With his new release, and EP for Neonized, he’s working his way toward a more House oriented sound, getting deep and funky with it. The Giraffes By The Ocean EP holds three tracks of tough, involving and groovy, late night, dancefloor magic.

The EP kicks off with Limes, a deep deep track with an early 90s feel and a seriously moody warehouse presence. Dark but irresistible, this is the kind of House tune that, when your on the dancefloor with it, you never want to stop. It’s low down bass, ghostly vocal samples and compelling organ hook just feel like they need to keep going forever. Banksy, makes things a little more soulful, with a vintage synth hook and layers of intricate percussion. Funkabit’s take on the Chicago House sound really put you in the middle of the action, winding and hypnotic tunes that command you to dance. The EP plays out with On & On, a track that lightens the mood as little in a hazy swirl of synths. Funkabit’s The Giraffes By The Ocean EP fills it’s time with tracks that should be part of any House DJs crate.

♫ Funkabit – Limes

♫ Funkabit – Banksy

Funkabit’s The Giraffes By The Ocean EP is out today.

Buy Funkabit’s music from:


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