[MP3] Night Drive (+ Bit Funk reMix)


Night Drive

OK, so you know how the whole driving imagery in SynthWave has been done to death, especially night driving. There’s a real backlash against it brewing. Anoraak released Nightdrive With You back in 2008 and every permutation of ‘driving’ and ‘night driving’ has been covered and copies and played out in the years since, the originality of it dies a death a long time ago. With that in mind, Night Drive is a truly terrible name for a retro synth act. However, please don’t let that put you off checking out the début single from Night Drive, as the name belies some truly awesome music.

Name aside, these guys are doing everything right. The look good (finally, a SynthWave act who understands the need for promo photos!), their artwork is cool without being clichéd and they can play live. Oh, and their début single, Drones, is pretty amazing. Mashing up SynthWave, Indie-Electro and ElectroPop in a head on collision, Drones is a high octane four minutes that immediately draws you in with a powering Italo bassline and rich vintage synths. With a catchy vocal, this is definitely one that’ll be stuck in your head all day. reMixes on the single come from Crystal Vision,Glasnost and this monster from Bit Funk who takes the energetic ElectroPop of the original and works it into a smooth, synthetic Disco tune that keeps the effortless cool of the original but leads it by the hand to some slinky dancefloor. Definitely a recommended release.

Night Drive – Drones

Night Drive – Drones (Bit Funk reMix)

Night Drive’s Drones is out now.

Check out more from Night Drive on SoundCloud.

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