[Audio] Lifelike & Tommi Bravo’s ‘Urban Sex’



Here’s an awesome new slice of Electro Boogie from the team-up of a master and a newcomer.French Touch pioneer and all round dance music legend Lifelike has got together with London based fresh face Tommi Bravo to drop Urban Sex, on Nurvous Records, next month.

The track, which is already getting spins from the likes of Kavinsky, Pyramid, A-Trak and Aeroplane, is a massive slice of retro Pop-House. Taking cues from B-Boy Electro, Electronic Soul and 80s Pop, Urban Sex applies them to a solid House groove. This one’s all about big , stabbing synths, driving kick drums and  sweeping flourishes. If you like your dance music loaded with 80s references, but with a chunky big-room feel, then this one’s for you. Lifelike does the business again, and Tommi Bravo jumps onto our radar. Check it out.

♫ Lifelike & Tommi Bravo – Urban Sex

Lifelike & Tommi Bravo’s Urban Sex is released 4th June on Nurvous Records.

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