[Audio] Parralox’s new single



Australian SynthPoppers Parralox have just released a brand new single, Silent Morning, which seems to see their journey though 80s SynthPop head toward the end of the decade. The Ryan Adamés featruing track catches the wave of current late 80s/early 90s revival tracks and brings the trend right to Parralox’s sound.

Loaded with all the elements we love about that period in music, post-B-boy Electro beats, orchestral stabs, digital synth bass and extra cowbell. None of this is too surprising though, as the track is actually a cover of 1987 obscurity Silent Morning by Noel. With a pair of amazing vocal performances by both Adamés and Parralox’s Amii Jackson and a truly period electronic backing, this cover of Silent Morning is pitch perfect retro pop. Check it out.

♫ Parralox (Feat. Ryan Adamés) – Silent Morning

Parralox’s Silent Morning is out now.

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