[Audio] Joe Goddard’s new single


Joe Goddard

It’s been a while since Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard’s last solo offering, 2011’s Gabriel, although he has been pretty busy with The 2 Bears. Now he’s broken ground on his new release, the Taking Over EP, to be released later this year on Greco-Roman. this first track to see the light of day is a luscious, deep, electronica tune featuring the vocals of Mara Carlyle.

Introducing itself as a lazy, dreamy, Deep House rolling track, resonating with sporadic electronic pulses and rumbling synth bass, revelling in Goddard’s skills in both Pop and Experimental electronic musics. Carlyle’s vocals provide an uplifting at times, soulful at others, croon over spitting 808 beats and truly otherworldly synth work. We would expect no less from Goddard.

♫ Joe Goddard (Feat. Mara Carlyle) – She Burns

Joe Goddard’s Taking Over EP is due out later this year.

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