[Audio] OhYeah’s ‘Roxy’ EP



Germany synthetic Disco producer OhYeah has suddenly dropped a new EP, we weren’t expecting this one, but it’s certainly welcome. Complimenting his Robot Disco and SynthWave arsenal with some groovy House sounds OhYeah delivers three tracks of dancefloor synthesizer gold.

The Roxy EP kicks off with it’s lead track and namesake. A warm, peak-time, Disco-House tune with a big stuttering lead and a slick array of intertwining electronics. Euphoric in it’s approach, Roxy is definitely one to drop on the dancefloor to whip it up into a frenzy. Complete with smooth sax solo Roxy is summery vibes all round. Electric Boogie is a retro Disco epic. Flowing sweetly from huge dramatic vocal Disco House to atmospheric and introspective Space Synth and back again, hitting you with, at one point, massive undulating vocal samples and thick, buzzing synth leads and then at other times soaring solos and warm, sweeping, cosmic tones. A real dancefloor journey. Also included on the EP is Want You, a laid back Disco jam that completes this impressive package, out today.

♫ OhYeah – Electric Boogie

♫ OhYeah – Roxy

OhYeah’s Roxy EP is released today, you can pick it up here.

Buy OhYeah’s music from:


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