[Audio] L’Étranger’s ‘Don’t Ever Change’ EP



This week UK boogiemeister L’Étranger released his new EP, Don’t Ever Change. Released on his own new label, Thomorrow, Don’t Ever Change packs in four tracks of blissful House that follow on from his acclaimed La Bombe single, 1997, of last year.

Now Or Never kicks of proceedings in the EP, a warm, bouncy, warehouse track that sets the scene as we’re treated to thick synth bass, choppy vocal snatches and a hint of a Tropical vibe in the purcussion. Got To Know is an awesome, organ led, 90s House workout. All 909 hats and hypnotic hooks with a burbling Acidic backing, Got To Know delivers the prefect party groove, just the right side of Deep, it’s an undulating tune to loose yourself in. The 90s good time sounds continue into Please, the EP’s energetic high point. Layering a reverby House piano over the already compelling Chicago sounds gives the track swirling drive that leads to a full-on dancefloor monster. The EP plays out on Ask, a short Hip Hop beat fuelled outro that rounds off a solid, floorfiling collection of tunes. You should check it out.

♫ L’Étranger – Got To Know

♫ L’Étranger – Please

L’Étranger’s Don’t Ever Change EP is out now.

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