[Audio] Kid Machine’s new EP



Manchester’s finest Italo export and one of the driving forces of the modern Italo scene Kid Machine is gearing up for the release of his next 12”. Looking forward toward a packed EP released through Red Laser Records, Kid Machine is promising to deliver some top quality Sci-fi Italo with these two sneak peak tracks, Hyperion and Il Militante.

Up first is Hyperion, which is as epic a track as the title suggests. Coming in just short of nine minutes, Hyperion uses it’s length wisely, sucking you in to it’s galactic soundscape and carrying you along with it on it’s retro future Disco odyssey. With a solid grounding in pounding machine beats and the phatest Italo bassline you’ll hear in a while, Hyperion has a solid core on top of which it can dance and swirl, crafting optimistic and mysterious synthetic moods. After the space age fantasy of Hyperion, Il Militante brings us slightly back down to earth with an urban electronic feel. A vintage dystopian soundtrack for a neon soaked city, the analog beats for footsteps, the sparking arpeggios for rain. We’re definitely looking forward to checking out what the rest of Kid Machine’s EP holds.

♫ Kid Machine – Hyperion

♫ Kid Machine – Il Militante

Kid Machine’s new EP is out soon on 12”.

Buy Kid Machine’s music from:


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