[Audio] Mirror Kisses’ ‘Runaways’


Mirror Kisses

American ElectroPop duo Mirror Kisses are gearing up for the release of their new album, Heartbeats, in the coming couple of months. just to tide you over until them, the guys have released a new, free, single, delivering a taste of what’s to come. Heartbeat will follow on from Mirror Kisses last album, Bad Dreams, which you may remember us quite liking.

Runaways is smooth and slicker than what’s come before it, with a load of crossover appeal. Injecting Mirror Kisses SynthWave-Pop sound with a little Tropical swing and an Indie coo,l Runaways is less overtly retro and more contemporary nostalgia than the last record. Don’t get us wrong, the track is still washed in an 80s sheen, particularly helped along by George Clanton’s moody croon, but Runaways transcends it’s vintage roots and brings their sound up-to-date. Waves of lush, haunting, synths share sound-space with a cheeky little guitar riff and big Disco keys, making for the prefect, intoxicating, backing for Clanton’s heartfelt performance. We’re definitely looking forward to hearing what the album holds.

♫ Mirror Kisses – Runaways

Mirror Kisses’ Runaways is out now, their album is due late-April/early-May.

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